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About Our Spanish Jamón

Spanish Deli proudly stocks Jamon Iberico de Bellota produced by Beher for one simple reason – IT IS THE WORLD’S BEST!

Find in our Jamon shop this exquisite Jamon Iberico de Bellota which is silky smooth to slice, cherry red in colour and has a distinctive umami taste far superior to Jamon Serrano or Italian proscuttio.  

The melt-in-your-mouth texture is driven by the special acorn rich diet of the iberian pig and the traditional, long curation process.  Best enjoyed at room temperature, straight from the plate or in hundreds (thousands??) of different tapas. With not doubt at all, it is the Best Jamón.

What is Jamon?

It is simply the best product we have in Spain. Our legs of Jamon Iberico are cured for two to three years and it is this aging process that helps transform the meat and bring out the amazing flavours.  The famous umami  flavour can be found in abundance in Jamon Iberico, which is part of its appeal.  Anyone who has been to Spain will immediately recognise this incredible delicacy

Why we chose Beher?

Beher´s Jamón Ibérico was elected as “Best ham in the world” at the international food fair : IFFA Delicat 2007, 2010, 2013, 2016. As a conclusion, it is the best spanish jamon iberico you will find,

Beher is a family business with a crazy amount of experience and know-how.  They’ve operated since the 1930’s and are one of the biggest jamon producers in Spain

Specifically, Beher´s products come from the Salamanca province and are officially designated as coming from the elite area of Guijuelo with the “denominación de origen de Guijuelo”.

The 3 Grades of Jamón de Beher

The Best Jamón you can find in Australia

GOLD / Etiqueta Oro
This is the HIGHEST QUALITY Jamon de Bellota 100% Iberico (pata negra), with the longest curation time between 30 and 44 months.  These pigs are fed an intense diet of acorns (bellotas), the healthy oils and taste of which infiltrate the cured meat, driving its unique Umami taste.

BLACK / Etiqueta Negra
This is also an ASTOUNDING QUALITY Jamon Iberico de Bellota, with a shorter curation period between 32 and 36 months.  These pigs are fed an intense diet of acorns (bellotas), the healthy oils and taste  of which infiltrate the cured meat, driving its unique Umami taste.

RED / Etiqueta Roja
This DELICIOUS Jamón de Cebo de Campo 100% Ibérico has been cured for between 26 and 36 months.  It does not have the same acorn-intense diet as the Gold and Black Label Jamon, but rather a diet high in natural cereals (Cebo de Campo).  It still shares the same high quality, gradual curation process.  Derived from pure bred iberian pigs.


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