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Jamon Knives and accesories

So you are thinking about buying a leg of Jamon Iberico huh?  FANTASTIC  IDEA!  You won’t be disappointed.  After all, Jamón is the jewel of Spanish cuisine and gosh darn, it just tastes so good.

If you are gong to make this delicious investment, you want to make sure you can serve it correctly.  This means a few things:

  1. Using a VERY sharp and flexible filleting knife.  You want to cut this “meat from heaven” paper thin.
  2. Preferably using a Jamon holder to keep the Jamon firmly clamped in place while you slice it.

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It really is important to prepare and serve Jamon Iberico using the correct techniques and equipment.    A few quick tips:

  • Always keep your blade sharpened
  • Hold the Jamon in a sturdy and beautiful “Jamonero” (Ham holder)
  • Keep the this strips of white fat on the side.  Place them back on the Jamon, where you were slicing, to keep the moisture in.
  • Do not feed any scraps of Jamon Iberico de Bellota to your pet dog.  This is a punishable offence in Spain.
  • Present the sliced jamon nicely – “one first eats with the eyes”
  • Allow the jamon to reach room temperature before eating.  This melts the fats in the meat a little and give it a mouth watering texture.

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