Jamon Iberico de Bellotathe caviar of cured meats – needs to be sliced correctly to truly appreciate it and bring our the incredible flavours.

Spanish Deli delivers entire legs of Jamon all around Australia.  Well… they are “entire” except for the bone that was removed prior to importation into Australia.

Having the bone removed actually makes it easier to slice, but a specially designed ham-holder is required for easy slicing.

Slicing Jamon Iberico professionally really comes with practice, but some of the key points are

  1. Always use a very sharp, flexible knife.  If you have been slicing for 5 minutes, it pays to re-sharpen the blade before continuing.
  2. Always slice the same direction.
  3. Slice as thinly as possible. Aim for the slices to be almost transparent.
  4. Slice in lengths of about 5cm.
  5. Plate up the slices of Jamon with each slice over-lapping the previous.
  6. WAIT!  Use you will-power and wait
  7. Yes – it’s best to wait for 5 minutes for the jamon slices to “sweat” a  little oil.  This releases the exotic umami flavours that have been captured over the 2 – 3 year curing process

Check out our instructional YouTube clip on how to slice de-boned Jamon.  In this video we show you have to slice a black label boneless jamon iberco from Beher.

Como cortar jamon deshuesado

En  este  video la  marca Guijuelense BEHER nos  muestra con detalle como cortar un Jamón Ibérico deshuesado BEHER Etiqueta Negara de Bellota, uno de  los mejores jamones del mundo.

 Cuchillo_Jamonero1     Arcos cuchillo Jamon