Jamon:  Iberico -v- Serrano

There are two main types of jamón:

  • Jamón serrano (jamón from the sierra / mountains)
  • Jamón ibérico (jamón from pure breeds of  Black Iberian pig)

Types of Jamón

The 5 major classes of Jamon from highest to lowest quality:
  1. Jamón ibérico de bellota.  This is sourced from happy-chappy, free-range, acorn-fed, pure-bred, Iberian pigs.  Spanish Deli specialises in importing this quality classification.
  2. Jamón ibérico de recebo: This is sourced from pigs fed o a mix of acorns, pasture and feed lots.  They are also rather content.
  3. Jamón ibérico de cebo o campo (field).  These lovely swine eat natural feed and in the case of campo/field, they graze in the fields for 2 months.
  4. Jamón ibérico are Iberian pigs fed in feed-lots
  5. Jamón serrano: This is the jamon you serve to house guests you don´t went eating all of your “top-shelf” Jamaon iberico de bellota.  It is from white pigs fed on a mix of comound feed.  It´s also called jamón curado, jamón reserva and jamón extra.  The words serrano, curado, reserva and extra are fluffy marketing terms and do not indicate quality.

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