Spanish Rum in Australia

Genuine Spanish Honey Rum and Traditional Christmas Sweets

The Perfect Gift Pack!


Are you wondering on what gift to get someone for Christmas?  Do you want to by the perfect present for a rum connoisseur in Australia?

Now you can send a unique Spanish gift basket, with Honey Rum and traditional Spanish sweets (aka Dulces de Navidad).

In this exclusive gift hamper, you can find one Spain’s finest rums and the most popular Christmas sweet treats all in one pack!

  • Guanche Honey Rum
  • Turron Duro
  • Turron Yema Tostada
  • Marcona Almendras
  • Almendras Rellenas
  • Includes gift wrapping

Honey Rum is a Canary Islands speciality!  Ron Miel Guanche is produced there by the Arehucas Distillery, imported by Tegusta and is sold exclusively online.

Made from a blend of the finest honey and quality aged rum, they combine into a liqueur with a fine body and an exquisite flavour.

Honey Rum is traditionally drunk neat or on the rocks, anytime of year. Alternatively it can be used as an interesting addition to your favourite cocktail.


Visit our friends at Tegusta Spirits ( ) to place as order!   Like us, they deliver the best of Spain to your door!

Tegusta is a family company that aims to bring high quality rums and liquors from the Canary Islands and the Spanish world to Australia and New Zealand.  With Tegusta, you can buy Arehucas Rum and Blat vodka online and have it delivered to your home!  Yep – You can buy Spanish Rum online, easy and fast.  

(Note: Spanish Deli doesn’t sell alcohol and we partner with Tegusta to promote their fantastic product). 

Visit their website to conveniently buy online!  These rums are unlike anything produced in Australia  – they come from the oldest rum factory in Europe and have a smooth, delicious finish.

buy-now ron miel australiaTegusta owners hail from the Canaries and have now adopted Australia and their second paradise in the sun.  Their father, Don Jose Ramirez was born in Cuba, the birthplace of the mojito. Their grandfather, Don Agustin Ramirez was a sea merchant trading goods between Cuba and the Canary Islands. A shipwreck during a hurricane saw Don Agustin lose his shipment of goods, but he regrouped and continued trading in the early 20th century, exchanging rums from Cuba and the Canary Islands.

The links between the Canary Islands and Cuba date back to the arrival of the Spanish in the New World. Sugarcane was introduced by Columbus from the Canary Islands to the Caribbean in 1493. The Canary Islands has a long tradition in the production of rum and produces honey rum known as ron miel de Canarias which carries a geographical designation. Carlos and Haridian are proud to share their heritage and expertise in rum and liquors with connoisseurs and those in search of fine quality rums steeped in tradition.

Learn more on their website or facebook