Learn with GO SPANISH

Going to visit Spain or Latin America and need to speak the lingo?  Go Spanish has all you need.

Go Spanish is a Brisbane-based company offering:

  • Personal, one-on-one Spanish lessons
  • Small group lessons
  • Skype lessons
  • Professional translation services

Go Spanish is driven by Ernesto who was born and bred in Barcelona.  He offers courses tailored to your specific needs and he will help you reach your Spanish language goals in structured steps.

Go Spanish will:

  1. Assess your Spanish level
  2. Determine your goals, given the amount of time you have available (eg – before you fly out)
  3. Agree on a structured plan
  4. Help you reach different levels of Spanish
  5. Enable you to hit the ground running when you arrive in Spain.
  6. Give you practical Spanish skills not just to survive, but also be fluent in day to day spoken Spanish1

go spanish