Spanish food to keep you warm

When you think of Spanish cuisine, it’s often images of delicious plates of light tapas that come spring to mind.  While these are great in summer, Spanish cuisine is just rich and intriguing as the seasons begin to change.  There are many winter flavour combinations and dishes to discover, and here are some of our favourites…


1 – Churros con chocolatechurros

There is nothing like Churros con Chocolate to warm your cockles.  The churros in Spain are often bought in small cafes and come in large wheels, wrapped in paper, ready to take home or eat there.  There’s no other way to eat churros (despite the traditions in some Spanish cities). For me, they need to come freshly made, straight from the deep fryer. When done correctly, you get a hot and crispy wand of fried dough goodness, perfect for combating the cold and even better with that rich cup of hot chocolate you were thinking about.

The hot chocolate is almost pudding-like in consistency, it’s rich and decadent and some say the spoon should stand up by itself in the chocolate.  I guarantee that a hot mug of chocolate en taza will brighten up even the coldest of days.

2 – Fabada Austuriana

A classic Spanish winter stew is the delicious Fabada Asturiana. If you’ve never tried Asturian fabes (butter beans) before, you’re in for a real treat. These delicious legumes combine with Asturian chorizo, morcilla (blood sausage), and pork belly for one of the heartiest winter stews in Spain.

3 – Huevos Rotos

Don’t think that there is any Spaniard who would disagree that the ultimate winter comfort food in Spain is huevos rotos.  Done right, this dish comes with a heaping plate of homemade chips, topped with perfectly fried eggs and (ideally) thin slices of the best Iberian jamon. There are plenty of other versions, but I’ll stick to the classic one please! The dish’s name translates to “broken eggs” because the waiter should break up the fried egg right before you dig in, unleashing the runny yolk.

4 – Caldo

Every classic bar and pastry shop in Madrid adds a warm addition to their menu come winter.  In addition to hot coffee, tea and hot chocolate, you can also order a piping hot cup of broth, called caldo. It may be a pork or chicken broth (or a mix of the two), but it will undoubtedly be rich with flavour and warm you right up!

5 – Tortilla

Tortilla , or Spanish potato omelette has many variations and everyone has an opinion about how they like their Spanish omelette and I’m no different. My perfect tortilla is one with finely chopped Chorizo strewn through it.

6 – Carne con tomate

My mother in law (mi Suegra de Grana’) makes THE BEST Carne con Tomate.
I’d like to tell you all about it in this article, but it’s a family secret and she would kill me if I shared anything.

Some essential Spanish ingredients: