Help us find Gonzalo Mompo Fernandez – A Spanish tourist attacked by a shark

Spanish shark attack in AustraliaOK, WE GET IT…  Aussies love a bit of Spanish Tapas, especially the meaty Jamon or Chorizo variety, but this is taking it too far!

So when a cheeky Aussie shark had a nibble on Spanish Tourist Gonzalo Mompo Fernandez, a line was crossed.  That’s right – Gonzalo, a Spanish tourist, luckily escaped after he was bitten on the butt by a shark while boogie-boarding at The Farm south of Wollongong.  The 30-year-old received small puncture wounds to his rump, but didn’t require medical treatment.

Parece incredible pero un tiburon mordio Gonzalo en el trasero cuando estaba haciendo boogie-boarding!

These news bites and quotes have appeared in the news, and he seems to have been shaken, but we don’t know how is is recuperating.

“We were paddling for a wave, or just going over the lip of a wave, and then the shark’s come up the back and tried to grab hold of his arse,” Jordan Hirst.

“He’s tried to bash it off and it kept swimming up … a few guys saw the tail like splashing around.

“The shark was pushing itself on top of him. He was on a Boogie board, so like lying down with his feet in the water, and it’s come up the back and the tail’s been smashing him on the leg.”

The attack happened on the 19th of March and when staff at Spanish Deli spotted this in the news (on the 22nd), a new official “Spanish-Shark-Attack-Tourist-Support-Policy” was created instantly (instantly = well…. over a few cervezas at lunch).

The official Spanish-Shark-Attack-Tourist-Support-Policy:

Any Spanish tourist visiting Australia who fulfills the following criteria will be eligible for a recuperation hamper with Spanish Food (Free food)

  1. Be attacked by a some scary native Australian animal (there’s lots to choose from)
  2. Be visiting from Spain and generally be enjoying Australia (apart from the bites, nibbles, scratches, cuts, bruises and general damage)
  3. Have some sort of evidence of the attack, preferably verified in a newspaper

Help us contact Gonzalo, so we can send him some Spanish Food to help with his recovery!

Echanos un mano para encontrar a Gonzalo y poder enviarle un regalo mientras se recupera

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