Spanish Cured Jamon has incredible health benefits. It has up to 50% more protein than fresh pork and in fact 100grams of Jamon equates to 33% of the daily recomended proteins.

Jamon Iberico de bellotta (Acorn-fed Iberian Ham) is also very rich in phosphorus, calcium and also contains vitamins B1, B2 and iron.

Acorn-fed pigs have a higher proportion of unsaturated fats (such as oleic acid) that actually lowers cholesterol and counteracts the effects of cardiovascular diseases.

The cholesterol content is very low (at 30-40 mg / 100 g) which is lower than amounts found other lean meats like chicken or turkey.

So why not get some cured pork on your fork?

C´mon get some Jamon! – Proudly importing Spain´s finest Jamon to Australia!