How to make Spanish Chorizo at home

A wonderful customer called today with a query about how to make traditional chorizo at home and whether Spanish Deli has the best ingredients for the job.

How to make chorizo at home:

Step 1 – get the right ingredients    

This 75 grams will make around 3kg of chorizo (using a ratio of 25gr per 1kg of mince)

Step 2 – follow the recipe and check out the YouTube video below:


  • Lean pork meat
  • Salt
  • Pimentón / paprika
  • A few “teeth” of garlic
  • Artificial skins for fillingrellenar


  1. Finely slice the pork meat
  2. Mince the pork
  3. Normally you’ll use a few bowls – this makes it easier to mix.  Weight each lot separately and mix them up.
  4. Add the salt (about 20 grams per kg of meat).  Make sure all the meat is salted thoroughly.
  5. Add the very finely chopped garlic
  6. Add the pimenton (20 to 28 grams per kg).  Mix very well.
  7. Once you are finished mixing very well, it’s always best to fry up a little to make sure you like the blend.  This will give you a good indication of the final taste.
  8. Adjust to taste.
  9. Fill the skins slowly, ensuring each is well packed, with no air bubbles
  10. Hang the chorizos without touching in a room very cold and dry, for 3 to 5 months * 

    * This is a family-recipe guideline and this advice is not given in accordance with any food safely regulations, since temperatures and humidity vary.