Black Friday Sale for Pata NEGRA

Black Friday Sale for Pata NEGRA

Welcome to Black Friday in Australia, with Spanish

On Friday the 25th of November, you can save 10% on any purchase of Jamon.

Just use the code ” BLACK ” when you shop online.  Easy peasy!

At Spanish Deli, we sell Spain’s finest Pata Negra Jamon.

Our Black Label Jamon Iberico de Bellota, produced by BEHER in Salamanca Spain in the world’s most awarded Jamon and you can see why.

After the pure-bred Iberian pigs have finished devouring acorns (bellotas) for months, they are harvested and cured for 2 to 3 years, using traditional methods.

The resulting Jamon is divine and its has a unique taste and aroma full packed with the mysterious “umami” flavour  (better google that one…  I had no what it meant until I read about one day at the same time I was eating Jamon.  EUREKA!)

Shop now to save $50 to $80 off Entire legs of Jamon