Aussie musician Bernard Fanning of Powderfinger fame (as if he needed an introduction) has strong Spanish connections. 

The aussie rocker married his spanish wife in 2007 in his hometown of Brisbane.  She and Bernard met while he was writing and recording his first solo album in Europe. Since then there has been bundle of spanish references in his song writing.

Many fans may have clued in when listening to the lyrics of the Powderfinger song Bless my Soul

Coz nobody knows just what happened to me there in Spain..
Colour me with red and gold, Your sweet love has blessed my soul

Bless my Soul:

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Bernard was the lead singer of rock band Powderfinger, which formed in the late 1980s and broke up in 2010. The band gained both commercial and critical success, winning many awards, and enjoying great popularity. Since 2005, Bernard has also pursued a solo career, with his debut album, Tea and Sympathy, released in 2005.

Bernard Fanning talking about song writing in Spain:

His first single, Wasting Time from 2016 release:


Written in Spain, the piano-driven lead single Wasting Time conjures up a mixture of conflicting emotions and deals with the blindness of obsession.

fanning bernard 2016

Bernard Fanning, 2016

The full Civic Dusk disk:

  1. Emerald Flame  
  2. Wasting Time
  3. What A Man Wants 
  4. Reckless
  5. Rush Of Blood
  6. Change Of Pace
  7. L.O.L.A.
  8. Unpicking a Puzzle
  9. Sooner or Later
  10. Belly Of The Beast