BEHER has been recognised once more for providing highest quality products on an international level at the IFFA 2016 Frankfurt.

Bernardo Hernández, based in Guijuelo (Salamanca) has won the leading trade fair for the meat industry at the IFFA 2016, which was held from May 7th to 12th. The world’s largest fair for the meat industry, located in Frankfurt (Germany), held a competition organised by the German Association of Butchers.

The diversity of the visitors reflects the high international interest in the market and IFFA has been leading the trade fair for the meat industry for over 50 Years. Every three years, the DFV re-emphasizes their position, offering a unique depth and variety of products and industry sectors. With more than 100.000 visitors from all around the world, 960 exhibitors from 47 countries and an exhibition area of 110.000 m2, the IFFA is the most important competition worldwide.

BEHER has won a special award honoring the highest quality product international. A total of 20 gold medals and 2 silver medals were awarded to the products submitted to the contest by BEHER.

The jury of 50 experts, all experienced and trained butchers of different nationalities, conducted blind tastings to judge and reward the competitors. The evaluation was based on presentation, composition, appearance, color, consistency, smell and taste.

This year the competition has had a massive presence of Spanish companies, drawing attention to the industry of the municipality of Guijuelo (Salamanca) with the submission of more than 900 products in the category of sausages and more than 400 in the category of ham.

The company Bernardo Hernández, S.L., BEHER, is known for owning and producing 100% Iberian, free-range pork on their properties located in the province of Salamanca, Extremadura, Andalusia and the northwest area of Alentejo, Portugal in addition to the magnificent processing facilities in Guijuelo, with strict standards in quality control.

The genetic selection of the sows, the purity of the Ibérico pig herd in combination with the exquisite feed the animals enjoy on BEHER’s own farms where they live and exercise in free range, the strict control of animal welfare and the strict controls applied in the processing plants in Guijuelo, a city with an ideal climate, result in top quality Iberian products.

BEHER obtained the following awards in the 2016 edition of the IFFA quality competition:

–          Special award in recognition of the highest quality product at an international level in category hams
–          Two special awards in recognition of the highest quality product at international level in the category of sausages
–          20 gold medals and 2 silver medals