Vaello Enamelled Steel Paella Pan 32 cm

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  • Traditional High Quality Spanish Paella Pan made in Valencia, the ancestral home of paella
  • Tough enamelled finish
  • Material: Vitro Enamelled Steel
  • Can be used in the oven if size permits
  • No requirement to oil or season after use
  • Size: 32cm (measured rim to rim)
  • Servings: 5 small size portions, 3 main
  • Suitable for:  Gas Hob, Open fire/BBQ, Paella Gas Burner

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Our enamelled paella pans are traditional steel paella pans that have been coated with a tough vitro-ceramic enamel finish. They have a smooth surface but do not have a non-stick coating. They are not as popular in Spain as the Polished Steel paella pans, but they do have the advantage of not having to be oiled after use, making them slightly easier to care for than their Polished Steel counterparts. They are also oven-proof if you want to finish your dish off in the oven. They can be used with metal utensils, but should only be cleaned with gentle scourers to prevent scratching.

Like all enamelware, they must not be bashed or dropped as this can damage the enamel.

The base of these paella pans is slightly dished allowing the oil to collect in the centre when first frying your ingredients. This means they are suitable to be used on gas hobs, open fires or a Paella Gas burner. If you need to cook on an electric, halogen, induction hob or AGA, please see our range of specialist flat bottomed paella pans.

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