Spicy cocktail sticks 330gr

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  Delicious spicy cocktail sticks
  330 Gram bottle
  With olives, gherkins, cocktail onions, green hot peppers, red peppers
  An easy addition to your array of Spanish tapas

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Our Cabezon Spicy Cocktail Sticks (Banderillas Picantes) are the ideal option for snacking at any time of day.

Topped off with a piece of green hot pepper, this collection of  gherkins, cocktail onions and olives (of exceptional quality) make them the perfect combination for fans of slightly spicier flavours.

Put together by hand by expert professionals with years of dedication, our Spicy Cocktail Sticks embody the essence of all our products: the assurance of a job well done.

To serve, simply drain, and plate them up!  Eat these and bring the memories of spanish tapas flooding back to you.

A pintxo is a small snack, typically eaten in bars, traditional in northern Spain and especially popular in the Basque country and Navarre.

Banderilla is probably the most popular Spanish pintxo. It is a gherkin, a manzanilla olive, a cocktail onion, a bell pepper and a chilli pepper combined in vinegar . Our product is already prepared for you in the jar on a toothpick. All you need to do is open the jar and enjoy it.

Additional information

Weight .33 kg

Ingredients: gherkins, cocktail onions, olives, green hot peppers, red peppers, vinegar, salt, antioxidant (E-220)

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