Serrano Ham 100grm

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   “Hand Cut”
   Cured for 12-14 months
  1oo grms sealed pack
   Ready to serve, no wastage during preparation
   High quality protein
   An ideal Spanish gift


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The majority of Serrano Jamones are made from a landrace breed of white pigs or from commercial breeds such as Duroc or Berkshire are not to be confused with the often more expensive jamón ibérico, made from black Iberian pigs.

These aged hams were known as a delicacy even in the days of the Roman Empire. The protein is of high quality and after curing for 12-14 months the meat becomes a rich intense red colour.

The serrano leg is always bigger than the Ibérico as it always contains less fat due to the different diets of each pig breed. Unlike the Italian prosciutto which is cured cold, the Spanish Jamones (ibérico & serrano) are cured in a specially ventilated room that mimics the conditions of the traditional cellar.

Jamón serrano can be used in a charcuterie board, in a bocadillo (crunchy bread roll), salad, stews, croquettes, pasta, pizza just about wherever your culinary imagination can take you.