Salchichon Mild 100gr

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  Typical from Spain
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   Produced by The Iberians 
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The salchichón popularly known as the wider longaniza is similar to the Spanish salami and has its origins in Greek and Roman times. These days it has gained a reputation as an appetizer, cut with a knife, accompanied by a quality tostada (toasted bread) and a good Spanish wine – this is very typical of the provenance of Barcelona, the capital of this particular sausage.

Salchichon de Vic is popular throughout the country and with its history, tradition and quality is easily recognised as a product of the lands of Osona region.

If we go a little deeper into history, we discover that  Salchichon de Vic was mentioned for the first time in a 14th Century document found in the Episcopal Archives of Vic. Its fame spread throughout the late 19th Century when his Majesty Alfonso XII, King of Spain, when visiting the city of Vic made three visits – one to visit the Bishop, the other to go to the Cathedral and the third, to visit the sausage factory.

In order to achieve the characteristic flavour, the formula for its production has been maintained, imitating the work of the farmers of the Plana de Vic. They have since ancient times picked the best lean meat and fat from the pig marinating with garlic, salt and black pepper then hung in the cellar to cure. The pig breeds most used for their production of Salchichon de Vic are Berkshire, Large white and Duroc.

The Iberians have not wanted to lose the unmistakable flavor of traditional Spanish sausages and, over the years, have remained true to the classic recipes and processes. Through their careful attention to detail, artisanal process and dedication to the craft The Iberians produce one of the most authentic range of cured Spanish sausage in Australia.

A tasting theme: This product can easily replace any dish that contains Italian salami and in Catalonia it is used in salads, baguettes, tostadas with rubbed ripped tomato and on popular charcuterie board.

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