Pimenton “Agridulce” Matiz

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  Pimenton Agridulce
  75 grams
  Essential for a wide range of Spanish recipes
  Made in Caceres, Spain
  Extremely difficult to find in Australia!

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Paprika or pimentón is one of the essential ingredients in Spanish cooking. It is used in everything from chorizo, sauces and sprinkled on top of octopus and even fried eggs! There are several kinds of paprika – sweet, spicy, smoked or a combination of the above

So important is paprika to Spanish cooking and so demanding are the Spanish of quality paprikas that there are Denominations of Origin (D.O.) for paprika.  Spanish Deli’s Pimenton is made in Caceres.

El Pimentón de la Vera agridulce Matizex, con Denominación de Origen Pimentón de La Vera, es un condimento en polvo de color rojo elaborado tradicionalmente desde hace más de 130 años con un excelente proceso de calidad, desde la selección y secado del pimiento, hasta la fabricación y su envasado.


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