Paellero Traditional spice blend with saffron

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Now you too can make authentic Spanish Paella in Australia!
   Essential for cooking the traditional Spanish paella
   An famous ingredient treasured by Spaniards
   Imported directly from Spain
   Produced by “Carmencita”

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Learn how to cook a traditional Spanish Paella with paellero spices

  1. Heat the paella pan with olive oil
  2. Fry up a head of garlic (optional) and some red pepper strips. Set the pepper strips aside
  3. Fry up the chicken pieces (or pork) until they are well browned. Reserve them aside
  4. Stir fry your vegies in the same oil (Onion, peppers, tomatoes)
  5. Add 1.4 litres of water and the sachet of paellero Carmencita
  6. Taste for salt
  7. When it comes to a boil, add the 400 g. of rice
  8. Add the meat reserved earlier
  9. Halfway through the cooking process, decorate the paella with the red pepper strips
  10. Cook on high heat until the rice has absorbed the stock
  11. Take off the heat and wait a few minutes before serving
  12. ENJOY with your Australian Amigos!

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