PAELLA: Pan 30cm (serves 5-6)

$ 36.00 Inc GST

  • Cook your own perfect paella!
  • Enameled pans offer convenience and value when making a delicious paella
  • Made of steel and coated with a black and white speckled enamel so rusting will never be an issue
  • Perfectly fits the inner ring of dual ring gas burner, or your oven top
  • You’ll be inspired to create Mediterranean masterpiece with this pan
  • Prodcued by Garcima – Spain’s leading manufacturer of paella gear

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Australians love BBQs and it’s no wonder that the Spanish Paella is becoming more and more popular down under.

Spanish Deli deal directly with Spain’s leading manufacturer of Paella Burners and Pans, Garcima, to bring Australians the best equipment for the job!

While small pans of Paella can be cooked on your stove’s gas burner, family-sized paellas require gas ring burners and are best cooked outside (ideally with a friends and cold drinks).

The Garcima burners use standard gas bottles and all connections comply with Australian Standards.

Our burners offer maximum control and flexibility, supplying even heat under the entire paella pan.  Each ring is controlled by its own knob, so you can adjust the heat where and when it’s needed

Check out Garcima’s instructional video on how to regulate the heat for a paella:

Spanish Paella Catering in Brisbane – call us to discuss – 0413 176 031


Comprar Paelleras y Paelleros de gas para paellas, en Australia.

Compras en línea de Paelleras

Tienda online para Comprar Paellas, Paelleras y Paelleros de gas.  Envios a todo Australia, or mas!

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