SPLIT PAN Paella 50cm

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  • 50cm SPLIT Paella Pan
  • Now you can cook 2 flavours at once!  This is a bit of a game changer in the world of paella..
  • Perfect when you are catering for those with allergies, vegans and adventurous chefs exploring worlds of flavours
  • Enamelled, Made in Spain, the best quality from the best manufacturer


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Just when you thought that paella couldn't get any better, a NEW IDEA comes along!
Introducing the "Multi-gusto" paella pan, for adaptable chefs looking to create 2 amazing paellas at the same time, ion the same pan.

Paella valenciana Multigusto Esmaltada 50cm, acero de grosor especial. Para 2 gustos diferentes.
We have scoured the web and we can't find these for sale anywhere else in Australia!
We've imported just a dozen to see if they sell as well as we think they should..  vamos a ver...

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