Manchego Cheese Aged 2-3 months

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   Traditional Spanish Manchego Sheep Cheese
   Produced by the award winning “Vega Mancha”
   Cured for 2-3 months
   1kg rounds of cheese
   Imported directly from Spain
   Exclusively available through Spanish Deli

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The name ‘Vega Mancha’ comes from the La Mancha region of Spain.  The cheeses are produced with the Manchego sheep’s milk, which feeds on a very wild vegetation typical of rough climates.  The climate and feed of the sheep cultivate an enjoyable taste that cannot be reproduced elsewhere.

The Manchego Cheese concentrates the nutritional properties of milk.  With a high proportion of proteins and Vitamins A, D and E, 100 grams of Cured Manchego Cheese a day can cover 65% of daily recommended calcium needs, with a low salt and sugar content.

Oh, and it is also DELICIOUS!



Su denominación proviene de la región de La Mancha y se elabora a partir de leche de ovejas de raza manchega, con una alimentación de vegetación muy rústica y característica de su clima áspero.

Los intentos por elaborar queso manchego fuera de nuestro país no han tenido éxito, puesto que ha resultado imposible imitar los factores climáticos y de alimentación más allá de los límites territoriales de La Mancha.


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