Iberitos “Iberian Pate a las finas Hierbas”

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  • The original Iberitos Iberian Pate a las finas Hierbas
  • Iberitos is one of the most celebrated brand for Spanish pates
  • A great ‘merienda’ (mid-afternoon snack) or breakfast on fresh, crusty bread
  • Super tasty!
  • 250 grms

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‘Iberitos’ are one of the leading Spanish paté brand and their famous paté is a national favourite with kids and adults alike.  A fantastic patéand a classic spanish product.

The Pâté is a rich source of iron.  They are highly nutritive, and with a pleasant flavour.  It is very common to see children in Spain having bocadillos after school filled in with this pâté.

Iberitos – great tasting pates from one of Spain’s most respected brands.

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