Hongos – Boletus mushrooms

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  Exotic Spanish Mushrooms in Olive Oil
  290Gram bottle
  “The wild mushroom par excellence”
  Healthy natural product

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  Each fall hongos (Boletus Edulis aka Porcini mushrooms) abound in the forests of Spain and are conserved for year-round enjoyment.  Mushrooms with the largest caps are harvested then quartered and packed in pure olive oil. The delicious taste of autumn year-round, unbelievable in risottos and soups!

  Boletus edulis, as its name implies, is an edible mushroom. Italian chef and restaurateur Antonio Carluccio has described it as representing "the wild mushroom par excellence", and hails it as the most rewarding of all fungi in the kitchen for its taste and versatility.

  Frasco de 290 gramos de boletus edulis con aceite de oliva, cien por cien naturales, elaboración propia. Producto natural y silvestre (por tanto orgánico) delicatessen, sano y saludable.

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