Ham Slicing Knife

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  Ideal for slicing Jamon and Paletas
  This professional ham knife is 24cm long, narrow, flexible and well sharpened
  Arcos´ exclusive Nitrum stainless steel formula enriched with nitrogen for added hardness and long-lasting sharpness
  Superior handle produced with Polyoxymethylene *
  Dishwasher safe, hand washing recommended
  Made in Spain by Arcos, a leading European knife manufacturer with traditions stretching back to 1745

  * An engineering thermoplastic used in precision parts requiring high stiffness, low friction and excellent dimensional stability

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Cured Spanish ham (Jamon) is truly a Spanish culinary classic and a special taste to be savoured and enjoyed.  It is crucial to slice your Jamon with the correct knife, which has a long and flexible blade.  The knife used to carve Jamon is known as a cuchillo jamonero, and the foremost manufacturer of these knives is ARCOS.

Jamon slicing knives have a long, thin, flexible and smooth blade, specially designed to cut jamon and other large pieces of meat.

Acerca de este producto

  • Mango: Polipropileno recubierto con Elastómero
  • Hoja: Acero Inoxidable NITRUM
  • Medidas hoja: 240 mm
  • Presentación: Display
  • Uso: Jamonero

How to Correctly Sharpen Your Arcos Knife
Arcos recommends the regular use of a sharpening steel to keep the cutting edge of your knife razor sharp.

  • Place the blade of the knife on the steel at a 20 degree angle.
  • Keep the arm that is holding the steel steady and swipe the blade lightly over the steel keeping the angle at 20 degrees.
  • Give each side of the knife an equal number of swipes (about 20).
  • Sharpen the other side of the blade as before, this time using the other side of the honing steel.

Purchase your cuchillo jamonero in Australia though Spanish Deli.  We often have them for sale, packaged with a Jamonero (Jamon-holder) and Jamon or Paleta.

About Arcos:


Un cuchillo ideal para conseguir el mejor corte del jamón.

Hoja larga y flexible para conseguir lonchas muy finas y largas.

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