Ham-Holder / Jamonero

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   Elegant and sturdy
   Ideal for slicing Spanish Jamons
   Specifically designed to hold boneless Jamons
   Use to safely slice Jamon and keep it stored
   A great way to serve our jamon at a party – people love to gather and be served freshly sliced Jamon

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Our elegant Jamoneros  / Jamon holders are specifically designed to hold a leg of de-boned jamon whilst it is sliced.  (All Jamons are de-boned in accordance with Customs regulations).  

The stainless steel clamp is fixed to a sturdy, polished wood base.  While not essential for slicing jamon, it makes the job sooo much easier as it holds the leg firmly in place.   You can also re-clamp as you go to make slicing easier.  AND it looks good!

Cured Spanish ham (Jamon) is truly a Spanish culinary classic and a special taste to be savoured and enjoyed.

An important aspect of enjoying this delicacy is the safe and easy cutting of the leg which means properly mounting and supporting the Jamon.

The long and flexible knife used to carve the jamon is known as a cuchillo jamonero.

Soporte Jamonero de Diseño Exclusivo para jamón o paleta deshuesada.

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