Jamonero Deluxe with Taracea Base

$ 350.00 Inc GST

   Deluxe, stunning taracea base
   Exquisite hand-crafted Jamon holder imported from Granada
   Elegant and sturdy
   Ideal for slicing Spanish Jamons and Paletas
   Specifically designed to hold boneless Jamons
   Use to safely slice Jamon and keep it stored

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Note: There is limited stock available for these hand-made items.   They are specially made for Spanish Deli.
Feel like you are in a real Spanish home or restaurant with this exclusive handcrafted Ham Stand (Jamonero) to hold your Jamon Iberico – perfect for easy slicing.

  • The “Taracea design is handcrafted with inlayed mahogany, lemon tree, walnut, sycamore, and ebony woods.
  • Hardware metals are made of stainless steel.
  • Solidly built for long term use.
  • Varnished in glossy polyurethane for exceptional durability

All of our elegant Jamoneros are specifically designed to hold a leg of de-boned jamon whilst it is sliced.  The stainless steel clamp is fixed to a sturdy, polished wood base.

The base of this deluxe jamonero is made in Granada in the stunning Taracea style.  This impressive base of elevates the presentation of the Jamon being sliced and becomes a talking point in itself.  Taracea is the technique from Granada of mosaicing by hand different types of wood together to produce and unique pattern.

La taracea es una técnica granadina que incrusta a mano diferentes tipos de maderas, grecas sobre una superficie de madera dando lugar a unos diseños que solo la taracea puede conseguir

Cured Spanish ham (Jamon) is truly a Spanish culinary classic and a special taste to be savoured and enjoyed.

An important aspect of enjoying this delicacy is enabling the safe and easy cutting of the leg which means properly mounting and supporting the Jamon.


Soporte Jamonero de Diseño Exclusivo para jamón o paleta deshuesada.

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