Fuet Longaniza 150gr

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  Typical from Spain
  Made from wild fennel seeds and organic Catalan vino blanco (white wine) and imparts a bolder flavour
   150 grms sealed pack
   Ready to serve, no wastage during preparation
   Produced by The Iberians 
   An ideal Spanish gift

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Fuetssecallones, and somalles are dry sausages or the family of matured or “cured”, typical of Catalonia, relatives of raw butifarra and sausage (fresh or dried). Its origin has to go looking for it in the Roman era, since they derive from the Lucania (from where comes the word “longaniza“) that, in all likelihood, as today, was already elaborated in the Pyrenees, where the Romans (concretely of the Cerdanya) already affirmed that the best hams were made.

The Fuet de campo is a classic in the canon of the salumiere’s art. The old legend says that a light-fingered Catalan stole some regular fuet and was discovered to escape he left the sausage hidden in a patch of wild fennel. Later when he came back for it, the fuet smelled beautifully with that sweet, herby, anise aroma.

The subtle aniseed taste from the fennel is a match made in heaven that you can detect when consuming but the cured pork like all dried sausage is the true star of the show.

The traditional fuet is made from wild fennel seeds and organic Catalan vino blanco (white wine) and imparts a bolder flavour. Fennel pollen is another optional ingredient in this fuet, it has a very floral bouquet but doesn’t keep for a long time, after about six months or so, it will lose its aroma.

Most Mediterranean cultures have an anise-flavoured liqueur and this is generally added Finally, to enhance the flavour of the cured meat.

The herbs and wild fennel extend their flavours and combine perfectly with the lean pork during the curing process to produce a stunning version of this Catalan classic.

A tasting theme: tapas, charcutarie board or with a crusty baguette and for the Catalan it is an essential afternoon snack.

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