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   Do you love Churros?
   This is a churrera for making traditional churros at home
   Made with with stainless steel, this churro gun is strong
   An idea gift for a Spanish friend, work mate or secret santa gift
   Made in Spain
   Also great as a cookie gun

Out of stock

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Churrera (Churro gun) to make the authentic Spanish Churros

This Churrerra has been imported from Spain and its main components manufactured from stainless steel.  It’s a tough churro gun that help you make the perfect churros.

20 steel discs (discos)

6 nozzles (boquillas)

We also sell the pre-made churro mix, ready to start cooking!

About the Churro Mix 500 g (Approx. 36 Churros)

A mix for making traditional churros at home. Just mix with water for an instant and classic churro dough. Includes a simple churro nozzle for shaping the dough for frying, so you have everything you need straight out of the packet.


  • Mix in warm water bit by bit, until all is mixed in well, with a spatula.  Until all lums are worked out.
  • Let it rest / repose for 15 minutes
  • Heat a deep saucepan or wok with plenty of oil.
  • Fill the churro sleeve with the churro mix
  • Squeeze the churro mix into the very hot oil – BE CAREFUL!  Make spirals in the shape of churros, obviously
  • Cook until golden brown.  you may have to gently flip or rotate the churros to cook all over
  • Remove from the oil
  • Plate them up and sprinkle with sugar or icing sugar


Modo de empleo:  Vierta el agua tibia en un recipiente y vaya añadiendo poco a poco la harina mientras lo mezcla todo bien con una espátula, hasta conseguir una masa sin grumos. Déjela reposar unos 15 minutos. Ponga abundante aceite a calentar en una sartén. Introduzca la masa en la manga churrera y forme sobre el aceite caliente una espirarl de masa, o varios churros. Dore bien la espiral, o los churros por ambos lados. Es normal, si al freir, aparecen ampollas en los churros debido a la temperatura del aceite y la levadura. Saque los churros de la sartén y espolvoréelos por encima con azúcar o azúcar glass. Puede servirlos acompañados de un chocolate a la taza.

Conservar en lugar fresco (menos de 25°C), seco y aislado del suelo. Una vez abierto recomendamos guardar refrigerado.

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