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Agromar Pate de Oricios / Sea Urchin Pate

$ 10.50

Agromar Pate de Oricios / Sea Urchin Pate

$ 10.50

~Sea Urchin Pate
~ Extremely hard to find in Oz!
~ Produced using Traditional methods
~ Without Additives
~ Gluten
~ 100 grams
~ Packaging can that’s easy to open
~ Product Spanish 100%


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Sea Urchin Pate – El Paté de Oricios (erizo de mar) Agromar, es un paté selecto elaborado de una forma totalmente artesanal y sin aditivos.

Un inconfundible paté que le ofrece el sabor de lo oricios del mar Cantábrico.

The incomparable taste of the Cantabrian sea urchin, is in the form of a pate that will give your table an exquisite touch of sophistication. Surprise your guests with this delicious entry, biscottes accompanied with toasted bread spreads.


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