2 top shelf vinagres de jerez

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2 Top shelf vinagres from Jerez, Spain

250ml each

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A double pack of Andalucia’s finest vinagre.  Great for drizzling over salads and cooking.

Reserve to Ximénez Pedro: The Pedro Ximénez, this vinegar is known by its aromatic characteristics and touch slightly bittersweet, very suitable for Haute cuisine and confectionery.
This special reserve sherry vinegar is aged in oak casks, resulting in a beautiful red-mahogany coloured vinegar with strong almond and vanilla notes.

Reserve to Moscatel: The Moscatel brings a light sweetness that makes it very appropriate to differentiate any dish in the kitchen and in the pastries.
This amber-hued, delicate and slightly sweet vinegar is produced with a blend of aged sherry vinegars and the delicate wine from muscat grapes, carefully matured in oak casks.

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