MANCHEGO – Spain’s most famous cheese!

Manchego is a creamy, nutty, buttery, and rich Spanish sheep’s milk cheese, produced only in La Mancha region of Spain.
This famous territory yields more than just tales of the Spanish hero Don Quixote and a bunch of windmills.  It’s the birthplace of one of the most sought-after sheep’s cheese in the world.

We have sourced Manchego that is traditionally made, hand crafted and available at different stages of aging… anywhere from a few months to over a year. .

Manchego is delicious simply cut into wedges and eaten as is. It’s also versatile in the kitchen. You can grate it on to casseroles, soups or salads. It will bring a taste of the Spanish heartland and a swirl of Spain’s colorful cuisine to your table.

Manchego cheese has been traditionally made for centuries, with the first Manchego being made thousands of years ago on the Iberian peninsula.  These days, Manchego is a name protected cheese which means it must:
  Be made from whole milk from Manchega breed sheep who are raised in the region.
  It has to have been produced within La Mancha
  Be cured for more than 60 days

Now in Australia, Spanish Deli proudly sells a range Spanish Manchego and sheep cheese.  And it is delicious!

We import Spain’s finest Cheese directly from the famous producer ~ Vega Sotuelamos ~ .  They create cheeses which are arguably the best in Spain.

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