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Our goal at Spanish Deli is to bring you the best cured meats from Spain. We have the best chorizo for paella, salchichon and fuet that you will find in Australia.



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Spanish Chorizo is the most popular cured meat in Australia by far. Our chorizo is a semi-dried and fermented Spanish-style sausage. Most of our products are crafted by The Iberians using premium Australian ingredients with each chorizo infused with quality Spanish spices following the traditional way. Find in our online shop a wide range of Spanish chorizo, Pamplona or Fuet.

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Discover our range of Spanish Cured Meats in Australia and start shopping online. Salchichon, Fuet, Chorizo for paella and many more soon:

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Chorizo is the red Spanish sausage that has taken over the world with its heady fragrant punch of Spanish paprika or pimentón. You can use it in your kitchen to cook chorizo. ala sidra, paella or even eat it raw well accompanied by bread, olive oil and tomato. There are two styles of chorizo on the market: semi-cured and cured.

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