Are you asking…
– “Where can I order Spanish Christmas sweets in Australia?”

Estas pensando…
 – “Donde puedo comprar dulces de Navidad en Australia?”

Bueno, bueno bueno… Now you can buy your traditional Spanish Christmas confectionery in Australia, and have it delivered to your door!
Si – Entregas a domicilio!

Check out our best sellers and get a taste of Spain delivered to you!

Spanish Deli has also created a range of Gift hampers complete with gift packaging which includes Turrones, mazapan, polvorones and much more!

Turron kiss


The Christmas season is the time in which all Spaniards look forward to eating the special sweet treats that begin to appear on the shop shelves and in the windows of bakery shops.

Christmas in Spain is all about family and sweets, both are great with holidays and both can contain nuts.  Around navidad, one is certain to always find elegant trays filled with Christmas delicacies in almost every Spanish house.  The Spanish submit to sweet temptations… and so should you.

Discover what these sweets are and serve them in your own Christmas table!

  • Polvorones
  • Mantecados
  • Roscón de Reyes (“Rosca” in Latin America)
  • Turrón
  • Mazapan

The majority of Spanish Christmas sweets seem to contain almonds or other types of nuts or fruits, such as piñones (pine nuts), fruta escarchada (sugared jelly fruit), pasas (raisins), higos (figs), dátiles (dates) and more.

However, the most important holiday treat Spaniards really go crazy for is the jamón…

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