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Top 6 Spanish Winter Warmers

Spanish food to keep you warm When you think of Spanish cuisine, it’s often images of delicious plates of light tapas that come spring to mind.  While these are great in summer, Spanish cuisine is just rich and intriguing as the seasons begin to change.  There are many winter flavour combinations and […]

Connect with Spanish Deli

We invite you to connect with us on Social Media!   We keep our amigos, customer and all contacts up to date through Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn and Instagram.   Like, follow, join, share, tweet subscribe or favourite us to get the benefits of: Hearing about our the latest Spanish […]

How to make Spanish Chorizo at home

A wonderful customer called today with a query about how to make traditional chorizo at home and whether Spanish Deli has the best ingredients for the job. How to make chorizo at home: Step 1 – get the right ingredients     This 75 grams will make around 3kg of chorizo […]

Bernard Fanning, Powderfinger and Spain

Aussie musician Bernard Fanning of Powderfinger fame (as if he needed an introduction) has strong Spanish connections.  The aussie rocker married his spanish wife in 2007 in his hometown of Brisbane.  She and Bernard met while he was writing and recording his first solo album in Europe. Since then there […]