Noemi HORS

Help us find Gonzalo Mompo Fernandez – A Spanish tourist attacked by a shark

OK, WE GET IT…  Aussies love a bit of Spanish Tapas, especially the meaty Jamon or Chorizo variety, but this is taking it too far! So when a cheeky Aussie shark had a nibble on Spanish Tourist Gonzalo Mompo Fernandez, a line was crossed.  That’s right – Gonzalo, a Spanish tourist, luckily […]

Black Friday Sale for Pata NEGRA

Welcome to Black Friday in Australia, with Spanish Deli. On Friday the 25th of November, you can save 10% on any purchase of Jamon. Just use the code ” BLACK ” when you shop online.  Easy peasy! At Spanish Deli, we sell Spain’s finest Pata Negra Jamon. Our Black Label Jamon […]

The Art of Carving Spanish Jamon

Spanish are fanatical about elevating what could be the ordinary into an art form, but not in a pretentious “My Kitchen Rules” kinda way… Jamon Iberico de Bellota is the end-product of a 3 year long curing process, so you really don’t want to just hack away.  Carving it correctly […]