Navajas de las Rias Gallegas al Natural (Razor shells)

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  • Elaborados con las mejores piezas seleccionadas se presentan en latas de 111 gramos (Small size units)
  • Navajas de las Rias Gallegas (Al Natural)
  • Razor Shells from Spain, small size units

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Navajas de las Rias Gallegas al Natural . Lata ovalada de 111 gramos

Razor Shells from the Gallegan Rias


Razor clams are narrow, elongate clams named because their long, convex shape resembles an old-fashioned barber’s straight-edged razor.

The shell tends to be glossy with a purple region near the curving edge.

The cream-colored muscular foot protrudes approximately 5 inches from the shell when extended.


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